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◆2018.11.03  Chinese town at YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (10:30~/14:10~)

◆2018.12.02  Free Market Festa Music Live Show -The play park at YAMATO station in Odakyu line. JAPAN (15:40~)

◆2018.12.10  The Last Live show of "AcousticA" (TONNKO X Asako Nakata)

~TONNKO Solo Live show/Asako Nakata Solo Live show/AcousticA Live show~

Open: 18:40 / Start: 19:20 ¥3,500-(1drink + 1snack)

Ticket reservation/Contact

◆2018.12.15 YAMATO station LIVE KOTTO (14:00~)


​◆2018.12.22  Luuka Birthday Live

~TONNKO Solo live show & NEVALION (Chorus)~(19:40~)

Ticket reservation/Contact

​◆2018.12.23 We Love Tsuchiura! Tsuchiura Christmas Live show & Marche (13:40~) 


 ◆2019.01 TONNKO's Birthday Live!

Ticket reservation/Contact

Luuka, Birthday, live, 出演, TONNKO
土浦, つちうらが好き!, クリスマス, ライブ, マルシェ
TONNKO, AcousticA, Liveshow, 最後のライブ, なかt中田朝子


◆Internet TV-VCNT.COM (USA, Beverly Hills) 2019.01予定

◆New project for new CD with Kaleb James(producer, composer, keyboardist), Tetsurou Natsume(arranger, guitarist), TONNKO(Vocal, composer, Lyrics)

◆New project for Unit group with Tetsurou Natsume (Bossa style)

◆New CD released "For somebody to love" (2018.08)

​◆building up TONNKO's Net shop for overseas

New CD Infomation

「For somebody to love」

​(TONNKO & Tetsurou Natsume's handwriting signature/message


¥1,080-(tax included)
Music & Lyrics: TONNKO 

Arranged by Tetsurou Natsume

Produced by TONNKO

2018 (c) T Music Japan All rights reserved.

※We are working on net shop for overseas. Please wait for a moment...!

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