“We’re totally in love with this performer” 


Heart of gold...
Angel voice...
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TONNKO(Akai Tonnko) is back on stage in 2018 changed her name from TONKO(AkaiTonko).

Billingal Singer Songwriter & Self-producer。


 Designer/Coordinator/Director/Music Producer...etc)

CD Debut from major record label "TOSHIBA EMI" Maxi Single “One more night” produced by TONKO (あかいとんこ/Akai Tonko) in 2005. The Weekly Pia which is the most popular magazine in Japan said CD "One more night" is TOP 10 in all of pop music released on 6 July 2005. After that, she was in Tianjin TV (China) for a few times, was a radio personality on her pwn program, also had her own TV program of music channel in 2005-2006. and she got offered by a famous Swiss photographer from Hollywood Mr. Oliver Siegfried in Basel, Switzerland to make a collaboration CD album after the photo shoot with me (2006-2007). That is the CD "Sweet & Relaxed".Then she went to Basel on her own, started making her career there by herself. (Cable TV, Radio program, Model, Events, Making songs, Co-sponsor for Asianet, Released CDs, Cooperating for spreading Japanese culture at high school in Germany...etc based on Basel to Germany, France and CA in USA) The "Hopelessly Romantic Magazine" by Victoria Napolitano wrote an article of TONNKO on it respecting her activity such as many audience told that her voice is really effective for illness of autonomic nerve system and usually she got told like the autism of their kinds was cured after those kids listened to her CD. That happenings happened right after she released "One more night" CD in 2005, even in Japan...it's still going. She was in a documentary film "YUME (dream in Japanese)" in Germany by Shirin Saghaie and Annkatrin Hausmann. After she got back to Japan, she did a lot of live shows at nursing homes and the cancer society as charity event. She was writing lyrics for her parents in heaven most of the time. She stopped her music because of the stress of her manager's death in 2012, but here she is! TONNKO is back! Her voice is still curing and healing poeple's heart with her "ANGEL VOICE" by her "HEART OF GOLD".

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