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いよいよ明日😊🎵💕素敵なLIVEになりますように✨🙏🏻✨ドキドキです💫またMovieをアップしますね👍🏻応援、よろしくお願いします💝 Tomorrow! is the live show in Yokohama🎤💖I'm just keeping myself up😃 I know you will be there in my heart wherever you are🎀✨So excited😍 🌸Love, Tonnko🌸 💜Set list💚 🌸TONNKO 1st stage 1. All The Love In The World (cover) 2. Eyes on me (cover) 3. If we hold on together (cover) 🌸コラボ曲 with Luuka Go away 🌸TONNKo 2nd stage 1. あなたに会えたから〜because I found you 2. A million-dollar love 3. Watch over you 4. この海の向こうへ〜Love across the ocean 5. Endless Love (duet with Kaleb James) 🌸コラボ曲 Luuka and Kaleb and TONNKO 1. Secret.... 2. Secret.......... 

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